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Spirit Within Watercolour Workshop April 13-14- Halina Stoprya


Spirit Within Watercolour Workshop - Halina Stoprya

Location: Artists House Studio

When: April 13-14 2024

Instructor: Halina Stoprya

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced

Workshop Fee: 199.00

Time: 10am-4pm daily
Address: 2 Townley Street, Nottawa, ON

Questions? Phone Lory: 705-812-2914

Workshop Description:

Embark on a transformative artistic journey with the Spirit Within Watercolour Workshop led by the visionary artist, Halina Stoprya. In this immersive experience, participants are welcomed into a space of creativity and exploration, where the spirit finds its voice through the enchanting medium of watercolour.

Halina's favourite subjects—nature, animals, and the human face—are woven into the workshop's fabric, reflecting our interconnectedness with the world. Discover the profound stories within each connection as nature's creatures become your teachers, guides, and messengers.

Halina Stoprya, with her passion for intricate yet spontaneous art, invites you to delve into the boundless possibilities of expression. Like water flowing in every direction, her loose and magical approach captures the essence of life in each stroke. Join her in discovering the wisdom of water, where it blends, bleeds, and beckons more life into your artistic visions.

As with any art form, release judgment, silence the mind, breathe deeply into the process, and find joy in every step. Halina will guide you through two transformative steps: Ask yourself a question with wonder and openness, then invite spirit guides to wonder with you, guiding the creation of your unique story. Watch as magic unfolds on paper, bringing your visions to life.

The human face takes center stage in Halina's compositions, offering a focal point capable of inspiring empathy and self-reflection. Animals, our spirit guides and storytellers, add depth and meaning to the narrative.

Learn the art of making watercolours paint themselves as Halina imparts classic techniques, incorporating salt and rubbing alcohol. Explore diverse methods such as wet on dry, wet on wet, and negative space painting, allowing you to unleash your creativity with every brushstroke.

Join Halina Stoprya in this extraordinary 2-day workshop, where art becomes a conduit for self-discovery, connection, and the pure joy of creation. Let your spirit soar as you paint the story within the watercolours, embracing the magic that awaits at every brushstroke.

Workshop Highlights:

Watercolour Techniques: Learn wet on dry, wet on wet, how to incorporate salt and rubbing alcohol for textured results.

How to paint a face: Learn the art of painting a face using watercolour.

How to paint natural elements: You will learn how to paint natures elements of sky, water, animals, flora and fauna.

Storytelling: Halina will guide you on how to create intrigue in your composition and lead the viewer into your story.

Choosing your spirit animals a guides: You may already have animals you are naturally attracted to, but Halina will share her method for discovery and enchantment for conjuring your animal guides from with.

Creative Joy: This workshop will teach you a method for tapping into your own power centre for creative ideas for your projects.

All Materials List:

Watercolour paper of 140 lb 16×20 ( option to cut it into smaller pieces). Hot-press preferably cold press is also ok.

Watercolour brushes a variety of sizes #2, #6, #8, #12

Pencil and eraser

Watercolour paints set. All brands are ok but preferably in tube. 

Plastic painting palette

Masking tape

Black ink pen

White ink pen

Lunch Break: Don't forget to bring your own lunch to enjoy during our well-deserved break. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and water are provided.

Dress for Creativity: Wear old clothing or bring an apron.

This immersive workshop is perfect for artists of all levels, from beginners looking to explore a new medium to seasoned creators seeking to expand their skill set. Come alone or bring your friends; everyone is welcome to share in this artistic journey.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today.  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to unleash your creativity!

Reserve your spot now and embark on an artistic adventure like no other.