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Welcome to Canada's Top Art & Craft Shop and Live Events..

About Us

The ArtShop Online was created to sell artists work and is affiliated with the Artfest Ontario events. Our goal is to showcase Canadian artists to those who love art. The shop is open for shopping 24/7 and we host monthly special events. 

The ArtShop provides sales and marketing opportunities for Canadian artists. It is a curated and juried online store with the intention of celebrating craftsmanship, creativity, design excellence, functionality and beauty. We strive to provide our audience with the best Canadian handmade products and excellent customer service. 

Our mission

  • Is to sustain the artistic culture that has been developed by Canada’s wealth of talented artists
  • To champion the societal and economical importance of sustaining the Canadian art industry
  • To provide opportunities for everyone to experience and interact with the art community

Our online livestream events, art festivals and ArtShop work in harmony to achieve these goals

ArtShop value statements:

  • Give all ArtShop visitors the chance to discover artistic inspiration, purchase Canadian art and fine craft
  • Interact with Canadian  artists
  • Provide a unique and creative experience for artists to showcase and sell their work
  • Foster the next generation of emerging artists
  • Sustain the social integrity of the artistic community

Please contact Lory MacDonald, directly if you would like more information or have an inquiry.

e: t: 705-812-2914