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If you are a Canadian artist and would like to sell your handmade products on the ArtShop we are accepting Applications.

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  • Easy to set up
  • You are paid monthly by Etransfer
  • $100 per year plus 15% sales commission
  • Lots of Promotion
  • The ArtShop is a juried and curated online store for Canadian artists
  • We host Online Special Events to promote you and the shop
  • Art Shop News has an 11,000+ customer email list
  • Promotional Social media, digital marketing and campaigns
  • We are affiliated with Artfest Ontario and have a huge loyal following of shoppers who love the arts!
  • We are currently accepting applications from Canadian artists and makers
  • Artists Testimonials

    "Being part of the ArtShop has been a great way to stay connected to my customers and get some new ones. While it is not the same as being at a live show, it has been worthwhile for sure. It was easy to do as well, because Artfest does all the uploading and technical stuff- which is not my forte! Two things have worked well to keep me competitive and make sales: I guarantee that I ship within 3 days, and I offer free shipping. Having no show expenses has helped buffer shipping costs. And customers love it! Thank you Artfest for giving me a new avenue to sell my work."
    Halina Shearman
    Halina Shearman Designs

    "I was expecting 2020 to be an highly successful show circuit year. I had great new products and I was ready to travel and showcase my work. Then COVID!! How does my business move forward? And along comes the Artfest Virtual Show and their online shop.  You may never understand the absolute excitement of receiving my first online order. While dancing naked in the street flashed across my mind, the mature responsible adult just giggled with joy. Thank you Artfest for helping to keep Out of Ruins alive during this changing time."
Diane Proulx
    Out of Ruins

    I cannot say enough good things about Lory MacDonald and the Artfest experience.
 As someone relatively new to the art show world, they have been absolutely terrific in providing a wonderful venue for my work as well as support and encouragement. 
In these challenging times, their creation of the Artfest shop was done in a timely and professional manner. Their promotion of my products has been phenomenal. Any questions that I have had have been answered promptly and thoroughly.