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Aiyana Jewelry


Aiyana is an Intentional Lifestyle Jewelry Brand inspired by the Seven Sacred Teachings intended to provide guidance on your journey. Aiyana has revolutionized 'jewelry with meaning' combining Fibonacci sequencing, Premium Quality locally sourced Gemstones, First Nations Traditional Ceremony and Intuitive Elements combined with only the highest quality metals; 925. Sterling Silver and 14K Gold to create one-of-a kind, timeless pieces, meant to be worn daily to help each individual live a more purposeful life.


Brittney is the founder and designer of Aiyana Jewelry and has an academic and professional background in both psychology and neuroscience. Brittney's journey towards traditional medicine and meditation started when her natural tendency to prioritize productivity and achievement was challenged by an aggressive life-threatening illness which eventually resulted in palliative care. After 7 years of treatment attempts, Brittney turned to First Nations traditional medicine and Practices, neuroplasticity based techniques, mindfulness-based approaches, and different types of meditation to help her cope, as she exhausted all known medical treatments, and didn't have much longer left to live. With these practices - along with the help of neuroscientists and doctors, Brittney was able to stop the use of machines, assistive devices and eventually re-learned how to walk.

Three years later, Brittney is now thriving and lives a very full and happy life. It is her belief that she was able to do so through the guidance of the teachings, ceremony, mindfulness, plant medicine, faith and inability to give up despite the odds against her. It is Brittney’s hope that her creations help inspire others to find their way no matter what life presents. Brittney is now passionate about sharing her knowledge of the teachings, tools and techniques she applied to help guide others.