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The Artist's House Workshops

The Artist's House Workshops

Welcome to the Artists House & Studio

Discover a haven for artists and art enthusiasts alike at our new arts hub located at 2 Townley Street in the picturesque village of Nottawa, Ontario. Led by renowned artist Lory MacDonald, our studio and guest house offer a range of exciting experiences that will ignite your creativity and nourish your soul.

We bring together distinguished visiting artists, captivating arts events, and a vibrant community of individuals who share a passion for artistic expression. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and inspiration as you explore our stunning outdoor art gallery, where captivating sculptures and thought-provoking paintings blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

But that's not all – we go beyond visual art to embrace a rich tapestry of creativity. Experience the power of live music as talented musicians fill the air with captivating melodies. Delve into the world of spoken word and poetry, where words come alive and touch your heart. Lose yourself in our serene sculpture gardens, where each piece tells a unique story and invites contemplation.

Our 1.5-acre property boasts mature perennial gardens that provide a tranquil backdrop for your artistic journey. Nestled in the charming village of Nottawa, just a short 5-minute drive from Collingwood, our retreat offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Let nature's beauty inspire your creations as you wander through our gardens, finding inspiration at every turn. 

When it's time to create, our 750 sq ft bright art studio awaits. Equipped with multiple workstations, it offers a spacious and well-lit environment to bring your artistic visions to life. Join one of our workshops led by Lory MacDonald or visiting artists, where you can learn new techniques, explore different mediums, and unleash your inner artist. And if you're an artist looking to share your knowledge and passion, our studio is available for you to host your own workshop.

For workshop participants, we offer comfortable accommodations to enhance your stay. Three bedrooms, a full kitchen, a cozy living room, and more await you. Our artistically decorated rooms combine rustic charm with an eclectic mix of art, pottery, antiques with all modern amenities, creating a unique and inspiring atmosphere that fosters creativity and relaxation.

Ready to embark on your artistic journey? Contact Lory MacDonald at 705-812-2914 or email to learn more about our upcoming events, workshops, and availability. We look forward to welcoming you to the Artists House & Studio , where creativity knows no bounds and artistic expression thrives. 

Lory MacDonald and a vibrant roster of visiting artists curate a captivating array of creative workshops that span various artistic disciplines. Unleashing boundless inspiration, participants dive into the enchanting world of mixed media painting, exploring innovative techniques that meld acrylics, collage, and texture.

Journeying through the vast landscapes of their imagination, they discover the nuances of landscape painting, capturing nature's beauty with brushstrokes that evoke serenity and awe.

Watercolour enthusiasts immerse themselves in the delicate interplay of transparency and colour, while textile art enthusiasts weave intricate tales with fabric, dyeing, thread, and fibres. From crafting poetry that stirs the soul to sculpting three-dimensional wonders, these workshops offer a kaleidoscope of artistic possibilities for all to indulge in.

Accommodations are available.