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Bill Barlow | Artfest Ontario

Your Pop Art by Bill Barlow

Your Pop Art

Of all my drawing styles, creating Pop Art is the most FUN. It’s contemporary, it’s colorful, it’s loud and it is uniquely YOU! In the examples shown here there are four Warhol-inspired styles to choose from: Bold, Pastel, Funky and Original Recipe (click through all the images to get all the information you need) I create your pop art and send you four proofs. You can choose from two printing options; 1) on watercolor paper for you to frame, or 2) canvas wrapped on a wooden frame ready to hang. It’s Simple – send a PHOTO – get some ART.

Why Pop Art is Significant

Pop art became meaningful when artists strayed from traditional art and began portraying images of everyday popular culture as art: soup cans, comics, and celebrities. And I say, what could matter more to your everyday culture than YOU and yours! Art need not depict just celebrities; my pop art insists that Your Life is also a work of art. Warhol used photography, hand-coloring, and silk screen printing. Almost nothing has changed, my process uses photography, hand-coloring, and giclee printing. Pop art changed the notion that art was separate from the popular culture, it embraced and displayed it. It was the first movement to declare that depicting our culture’s products and celebrities is art. My pop art is democratic, offering an opportunity for anyone to find a place in the art world. . . YOUR LIFE is ART!

About Artist Bill Barlow

My career began as an illustrator in the manufacturing sector. In 2001 I launched IronMedia, a graphic art and illustration studio, which I retired in 2020. I decided that instead of drawing for the corporate world, I would draw for you. Although I have yet to find one style, which means I frequently play with new techniques, and by new I mean stealing ideas from other artists. Pop art was one of those thefts. Whether line-drawing, gestures, comic book, or pop art, I noticed a common theme: I usually end up drawing people, their pets, and their passions. It’s Your Life – Let’s make it Your Art.

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Return and Refund Policy
I send a proof for you to approve, after that there is no refund unless prints arrive damaged. A window of 14 days is allowed for reporting any incident with your order.