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Queen Iris


Queen Iris

Floral Batik 18"x24" mounted in white wood frame 20"x26" ready to hang.

Painted with Procion dyes and hot bees wax resist. Original artwork, one of a kind, no prints ever made

Christine Martin

My art journey began one Mother's day over 20 years ago, when my husband signed me up for an artist's workshop at Buckhorn Art Gallery. With no formal art training and no paints or brushes to my name, I survived the weekend and proudly came home with 3 framed paintings and a new found love...besides my husband! Through many years of experimentation and exploration, I have learned to embrace the nature of the mediums I work in. By allowing myself the freedom to 'go with the flow', I can work in harmony with the medium to achieve some unexpected yet happy results. I am retired and live on Big Rideau Lake, surrounded by unlimited vistas of natural beauty to inspire me. I only paint and sell original artwork, I have never made prints or commercial products of my everything I sell is an original 'one of a kind'.  

I typically paint with Procion dyes on silk and cotton using hot bees wax as my resist and I also paint with alcohol inks on Yupo paper. In addition to painting, I love creating artworks from vintage jewellery pieces that I have collected over the years. My first pieces were jewel Christmas trees on velvet, then angels and now I create jewel trees and landscapes using jewellery mounted on wood canvas board.


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