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Icescape VIII (Winter' Breath)


Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches

The canvas has physical texture built up using modelling paste and mixed media. Pouring medium is strategically placed to provide a luminous abstract element to the scene of Georgian Bay's frozen shoreline.

Event Special: Payment plans are available for Celina's paintings. This can be arranged through our chat box on the bottom right of our website.


Celina Melo is an Abstract Mixed-Media painter. She creates landscape paintings of Georgian Bay in acrylic on canvas that meander between abstraction and realism.

The innovative use of pouring medium to create reflective surfaces on parts of her canvas has set her apart from other artists currently working in pouring medium and those exploring landscape imagery. She has been recognized as a key artist in Mississauga by Mississauga Arts Council and the prestigious Colour and Form Society in Ontario. 

She exhibits across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as accepts private commissions.
If a buyer is interested in a piece, I am able, upon request, to provide a digital composition that previews the painting in their space, based on a photograph with dimensions provided by the buyer.

"I am compelled to capture and celebrate my natural environment, specifically the life-giving entity of water. My Abstract Mixed-Media Landscape paintings invite the viewer to a meditative space that evokes my experience of standing at the water’s edge. My process explores the reflective, dynamic and colour-changing qualities of water and sky. The sheen of pouring medium contrasts the exposed matte acrylic paint, just as light reflects off surfaces. Pouring medium is used to form gestural lines and reflective pools over aspects of painted imagery and physical texture."


The cost of shipping will be calculated based on the size and weight of the painting. Buyer covers shipping costs.
Free delivery within the GTA is preferred. Delivery outside of the GTA is negotiable.

Return & Refund Policy

There are no returns or refunds, however, a credit may be placed toward the purchase of another painting.