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GOLDFINCH by Jenn Keski Art - Artfest Ontario

GOLDFINCH by Jenn Keski Art

Don't you just love Goldfinches? So bright and cheerfully active all summer long. It's a happy time when they appear in the yard from wherever they go in winter. This pensive fellow is painted in oil on a birch panel by Jennifer Keskikyla aka Jenn Keski. Shipping is free in Canada.

Jennifer Keskikyla is a Collingwood artist who is inspired by the natural world. Oil paintings, Jewellery, Driftwood Art, Painted Paddles are all aspects of Jenn Keski Art. Living in Collingwood gives Jennifer access to nature. Whether it is the shores of Georgian Bay, with waves crashing and skies brooding, or whether it is the serenity of an old maple growth forest towering over her head, with birdsong and wind rustling the leaves, nature is where she goes to fill up her energy, to seek inspiration. In her art, Jenn tries to represent the feeling of energy and wonder she gets during her time outdoors.

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