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Art Talk

  • It's National Puzzle Day! - Artfest Ontario
    January 29, 2022 Marianne Lepa

    It's National Puzzle Day!

    What if you were to blend puzzles with art? You'd get PuzzQuest! Using premium quality environment-friendly, recycled paper, handcrafted cutting dies, and proprietary manufacturing processes, PuzzQuest turns art into a high quality game.
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  • Art in a Box - paint your own - Artfest Ontario
    January 25, 2022 Marianne Lepa

    Art in a Box - paint your own

    We just love these Art in a Box kits by Janet Liesemer. Each kit contains everything you need to create the painting and there are links to online tutorials to help you along.
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  • Travelscapes from Kleno Photography - Artfest Ontario
    January 24, 2022 Marianne Lepa

    Travelscapes from Kleno Photography

    Dream a dream of far flung places. Patrick Klauss of Kleno Photography is drawn to the sacred places in the world and he documents his travels in these fine art photography prints.
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  • Art by Ivan now in our shop - Artfest Ontario
    October 7, 2021 Marianne Lepa

    Art by Ivan now in our shop

    We have new work in the shop by Ivan Trotter. Ivan has had a long and varied career as a Canadian artist. For many years Ivan painted the Canadian landscape in 'Group of Seven' inspired oils. A love of France and her Mediterranean neighbours has in the past decade, turned his palette to vivid acrylics, better enabling him to capture and record his passion for Provencal and Tuscan villages.
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  • 5 WINDOWS by Botanical Art By Diane - Artfest Ontario
    May 11, 2021 Marianne Lepa

    5 WINDOWS by Botanical Art By Diane

    The vegetable garden is often tucked away out of sight. Pushed off the side of the plate, no one cares for the vegetables until Diane De Roo turns them into brilliant works of art. In a special process she invented, this 5 window vegetable collage is smart enough for the living room.
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  • FRINGED by Sylvie Mahler - Artfest Ontario
    May 11, 2021 Marianne Lepa

    FRINGED by Sylvie Mahler

    Gardening season is upon us and tulips are showing up in borders around Canada. This luscious watercolour by Sylvie Mahler of a fringed tulip in her sister's yard is beautiful enough to live year round in your home.
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  • GOLDFINCH by Jenn Keski Art - Artfest Ontario
    April 14, 2021 Marianne Lepa

    GOLDFINCH by Jenn Keski Art

    Don't you just love Goldfinches? So bright and cheerfully active all summer long. It's a happy time when they appear in the yard from wherever they go in winter. This pensive fellow is painted in oil on a birch panel by Jennifer Keskikyla aka Jenn Keski.
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  • SPRING GRACE by Bob Gallagher Photography - Artfest Ontario
    April 8, 2021 Marianne Lepa

    SPRING GRACE by Bob Gallagher Photography

    Yellow tulips glow against a black background and within a lacquer frame. Bob Gallagher has captured the dignity and beauty of our favorite spring flower. The frame can be black or white, but Bob has a preference for the black to create the striking image you see here.
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  • YELLOW ROSES by Anna Krajewski - Artfest Ontario
    April 6, 2021 Marianne Lepa

    YELLOW ROSES by Anna Krajewski

    We are celebrating the colour yellow this week in the Artfest shop and this joyous painting of yellow roses by Anna Krajewski is a good reason why. What a better way to brighten April showers but with this lovely composition of colourful flowers?
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