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A collaborative original acrylic painting by Halina Stopyra and the late Jay Bell Redbird.

12" x 12" stretched canvas.

This collaboration with Jay is a completion of his never finished paintings and mostly just a pencil sketch.  I was debating with myself whether to finish it and let it go out to the World or just pile it up and leave it as such for nobody to ever see it. 
I think Jay would be happy to see his sketches finished in colors and consistent with his lines.

Shipping included

Since a young age I have been drawn towards the healing arts.

The natural inclination has led me into a career as physical therapist and artist. I have been inspired and influenced by myths, legends and history, finding common thread in a straggle to maintain distinct identity. In those stories and symbols I have found a profound healing and transformative powers that drive my creative work. My intention as an artist is to remind a viewer of how strong, resilient and capable of healing we are. By recognizing those inner strengths we can begin to live a life that reflects the beauty of our true self.”

Artist Statement: “Painting for me is a powerful drive to create ideas, images and stories, and knowing that there is no magic until we share it.