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UNIVERSAL LOVE by Halina Stopyra - Artfest Ontario

UNIVERSAL LOVE by Halina Stopyra

Our theme this week is Love as we count down to Valentine's Day. This beautiful watercolour and ink original painting by Halina Stopyra speaks to that feeling emotion that lies in all of us, no matter what our circumstance and binds us to each other. Love is universal; it's unconditional; it's magic.

From a young age, Halina Stopyra has been drawn to the healing arts. This natural inclination led her into a career as a physical therapist and, later in life, as an artist. She has been inspired and influenced by mythology, folk tales and stories, finding familiar archetypes thought the ages and across the planet. Human faces and forms are the often the focal point of her compositions and, as the intimate self is expansive and flows, her medium is watercolours.

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