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The Heralding



24x36" Acrylic mixed media on 2" deep canvas. Ready to hang.

Created by artists Lory MacDonald and Michelle Matthews for their collaboration series of paintings.

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Collaborative Project

Artists Lory MacDonald and Michelle Matthews created a series of paintings together as a collaboration experiment. It was a very interesting and enlightening experience for both of them. The results were quite surprising.

It was a unique idea. Lory and Michelle swapped a group of partially finished paintings or pieces each had sitting in their studios and added new paint and imagery to them. This process happened a couple of times back and forth for each piece, and in the end they worked together to bring them to completion.

There was a lot communication, miscommunication and discussion throughout the process on what was liked, not liked and which direction to go with each piece. Honesty with each other was key, and so was compromise, determination, listening and understanding. Michelle and Lory are great friends.....still, and hope to do more of this type of collaborative approach in the future.

Lory's painting style is very textured and structured, almost decorative. Michelle's is very loose, painterly and dark. Completely opposite styles of painting merged into one to create beautiful paintings.