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Ibex Series

Actual Wrist Size


The Ibex is my personal favourite. This extremely popular bracelet is a distinctive 3 wrap, 5mm Italian leather with a half circle magnetic clasp. This one has a stunning corporate, casual look. Also, wears well when stacked with the Moose and Elk Series'.

Unlock the power of effortless style with the Ibex Series. Its sleek and sophisticated design features a 3 wrap, 5mm Italian leather band and a magnetic clasp, making it perfect for any occasion. Wear it alone for a stunning corporate look, or stack it with the Moose and Elk Series for a fashionable and versatile style. Elevate your wardrobe with the Ibex Series' statement piece.

The available colours are shown. If you would like a size or colour not in the list, please select Other and we will contact you for further details either by text or email.