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Healing Dance


Healing Dance

A collaborative original acrylic painting by Halina Stopyra and Loretta Gould.

14"x 18" stretched canvas.

"Collaborating with Indigenous artists is a statement for me, I'm very proud just like I was while collaborating with my late partner Jay Bell Redbird. 
Intention for those two paintings got initiated a long time ago while living side by side with Jay, he encouraged me to paint images that are illustrating beauty and wisdom of Indigenous culture."


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Since a young age I have been drawn towards the healing arts.

The natural inclination has led me into a career as physical therapist and artist. I have been inspired and influenced by myths, legends and history, finding common thread in a straggle to maintain distinct identity. In those stories and symbols I have found a profound healing and transformative powers that drive my creative work. My intention as an artist is to remind a viewer of how strong, resilient and capable of healing we are. By recognizing those inner strengths we can begin to live a life that reflects the beauty of our true self.”

Artist Statement: “Painting for me is a powerful drive to create ideas, images and stories, and knowing that there is no magic until we share it.