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ESP Shampoo Soap Bar


ESP Shampoo Soap Bar

* Extraordinary Soap Performance, 100% natural cold processed soap
* Replaces irritating chemical based liquid shampoos
* Superb nutrition for hair and scalp, itchy, dry skin (eczema and psoriasis prone)
* Soothes dryness, itchiness from many skin conditions
* Especially effective on hands that need help
* Musky earthy scent
* Eco friendly, travels well, non-spilling


Free shipping for orders over $100 (before taxes) or $5.00 only across Canada and USA. Bundle a few Earth to Body products and save on shipping!

Earth to Body is a family oriented business located on the shores of Lac St. Louis, in the West Island of Montréal, in Quebec, Canada. We extend proudly, through family, all the way to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

We started our Natural Skin Nutrition line in 2002. Through hard work and dedication, we have developed a customer base across Canada, meeting you at craft shows, home shows and exhibitions. Our online sales continue to grow every year, a testimonial to the product quality. We thank you.

We especially enjoy greeting our customers personally where we can take the time to explain the importance of crafting the products in small batches and bringing them fresh to market. Keeping the products cool or refrigerated does not seem to be an issue, and your enthusiasm is contagious. You encourage us to continue. We stand behind our products. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are here to answer questions and concerns, and we appreciate any and all feedback. We learn from you.