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Basketball Hypoallergenic Belt & Buckle Set

Belt Colour
Drizzle Overlay
Gift bag

Basketball Hypoallergenic Belt & Buckle Set

Accessories Stainless Steel & Silver Design w/ 1.5" Custom Leather Belt for Jeans

Ultra Slim Line Design~Buckle sits flat ad won't add bulk to your waistline.
Buckle fits 1-1/2" Belt for Jeans
Signed by Robert Aucoin
Stainless Steel buckle has abstract silver stainless steel "dribble/drizzle" overlay design
Designed, hand forged & signed by Canadian Artist, Robert Aucoin.
Each buckle is an original.
Buckle purchase includes a velvet or burlap bag for storing.
Buckle measures 3-3/8" x 2-1/8" and will accept a 1-1/2" leather belt.
Buckle photographed on 1-1/2" dark brown oiled buffalo belt
Bronze "dribble" version of this buckle is also available.

High quality buffalo leather belts in black, dark brown, fawn, mahogany and distressed. Included

Belt Sizing: For belt length let us know your waist size, or measure your existing belt from the fold over (where the buckle attaches) to the hole you use most. This will become the centre hole of 5 holes on your new belt.
Please indicate belt length and which measurement you are giving us in the special instruction Box at check out.

Each buckle come with a black velvet or beige burlap gift bag.

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