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Little Chickadee on blue glass on necklace of blue and yellow stone beads.

Hanging length 11"

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Sharron designs and hand crafts each piece of jewelry by integrating metals, rare and antique beads, semi-precious and other stones with the purpose of promoting peace, calm, serenity, power and self- awareness. Her styles are classic and are highlight by unusual and rare finds that make each piece one of a kind. Handmade in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Sharron is originally from Toronto and has always been drawn to projects that made a difference somehow. After retirement in 2003 Sharron and her husband founded Moosonee Puppy Rescue. Their mission was to save dogs from being shot as a method of population control in isolated northern Ontario communities.

From the beginning Sharron knew they were saving the lives of dogs but never had she imagined how many people would be saved as well. Women who needed emotional support and children who were victims of bullying were also rescued by the dogs they adopted. Autistic children especially benefited from these well-balanced northern dogs who calmed and encouraged them.

Sharron has always been a person of action but after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017 she needed to find a new way of being. A small dog, she says is her heartbeat, motivated her to express herself through beauty, rare finds and charm. By selling the jewelry she makes, Sharron is able to raise money for dogs in need and lend a momentary gesture of loveliness to those who appreciate her devotion and imagination within each piece of her jewelry.  

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