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The Truth Came Out.....Confession from Judi - Artfest Ontario

The Truth Came Out.....Confession from Judi

Judi Shared some Family Stories

What is a favourite family food or recipe?  "Bett's Spagget" … my mom's famous Spaghetti

What games do you enjoy playing together? 

"Clue" … until years later the "confession" came out… I had marked the cards with a light pencil … I "let" others "win" sometimes so they would keep on playing with me, but I won a lot! PS: The "confession" was not told by me … my Mom had years later mailed me the "marked deck" … who had the last laugh there!

Share a creative activity you have done together: 

Family Day we did not make your typical "snowman". Our creative family made riding dinosaurs! I will send along photo to illustrate … as they say, "a painting (or photo) says a thousand words". Happy Family Day to everyone! Don't forget to call a lonely neighbour or friend to share the day!

Share a Family Story

Big sister hand painted masks, wrote a play "Dennis the Menace" and we all performed for the neighbours .. we invited them (without telling parents) to come for a Play and Refreshments would be served. The neighbours showed up with lawn chairs … Mom was "surprised" to say the least. The funniest part, we "paraded" across the back yard, in front of the audience, then kept parading around the front of the house, not noticing the audience could not see us ... show must go on! The laughter never stopped. Best days with Family!!!!

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