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SELF LOVE BRACELET by Aiyana Jewelry - Artfest Ontario

SELF LOVE BRACELET by Aiyana Jewelry

This Rose and Grey Quartz stone bracelet by Aiyana Jewelry has been made with the Intention to remind you to take care of and love yourself fully and wholly. May this bracelet help you set boundaries that are crucial to your wellbeing, as well as act as a reminder that your thoughts, feelings and actions towards yourself should always be loving and kind.

Aiyana is an Intentional Lifestyle Jewelry Brand inspired by the Seven Sacred Teachings intended to provide guidance on your journey. Aiyana has revolutionized 'jewelry with meaning' combining Fibonacci sequencing, Premium Quality locally sourced Gemstones, First Nations Traditional Ceremony and Intuitive Elements combined with only the highest quality metals; 925. Sterling Silver and 14K Gold to create one-of-a kind, timeless pieces, meant to be worn daily to help each individual live a more purposeful life.

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