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FAITH - SWISS BLUE TOPAZ by Devine Fine Jewellery - Artfest Ontario

FAITH - SWISS BLUE TOPAZ by Devine Fine Jewellery

Bright turquoise coloured earrings, 8 mm round, faceted and fabulous set in a sterling silver filigree bezels. Styled to hang from 3mm hoops. The wonderful bezel surround of cut-work gives these enhancers as much appeal straight on as they do from the sides! Gorgeous with full on sparkle!

Devine is synonymous with beautiful 'One Of A Kind' handcrafted pieces of jewellery. Carol and Jake do all their own work - designing, making by hand, stone setting, polishing and marketing. They take great pride in the process of making, taking satisfaction in the workmanship, time and effort to create something of beauty that can be enjoyed and worn for years.

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