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Birds come and Eat nuts and seeds right out of our hands! - Artfest Ontario

Birds come and Eat nuts and seeds right out of our hands!

Shelley and her 82 year old Mom have been spending a lot of time together this past year.

Mom and I now have a sweet and fun 'tradition' of going for a daily walk in a park where the chickadees and nuthatches, titmouses and even a few downey woodpeckers will come and eat seeds out of your hand. It makes our day every time!

Shelley and her Mom love Cabbage Rolls:  And old family favourite is cabbage rolls ... that have morphed into a new favourite with mom and I- lazy cabbage rolls that take a fractions of the time to make but taste almost as yummy!

What games do you enjoy playing together? Rummikub

Shared a Family Story

This past summer I bought an old camper van and was surprised when my 82 year-old mom expressed keenness to go on roadtrips with me. Well, we had a blast, stopping at every historical plaque we passed, travelling down scenic back roads and discovering things we had no idea were out there! Like a cold war submarine on display, working oil wells, an early freed slave community and so much more, all in southwestern Ontario!

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