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Vegetable Slice Coasters

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Vegetable Slice Coasters

These glass and copper foil coasters, created with real pressed vegetable slices, are certainly a one of a kind find. Each one in the set of 4 features 2 different vegetables. They are the perfect little gift for your favourite gardener, cook, vegetarian or nature lover.

Product Details

Each coaster is individually handcrafted from preserved vegetable slices that I create using organic vegetables grown in my home garden.  I carefully enhance each slice by hand to retain its vibrant colours for years to come.  

As is the nature of botanicals, no two are ever exactly alike and your piece will vary slightly from the one pictured.

Medium:  pressed, preserved organic vegetable cross-sections, glass, copper foil

Dimensions:  4" x 4" inches per coaster

Diane preparing vegetable art....

I am a botanical artist who has developed my own unique style. Utilizing the vegetables, herbs and flowers cultivated from my cottage garden, I create a collection of show stopping wall hangings. Throughout my 30 plus years of practice, I have developed a range of drying, pressing and casting techniques for capturing the beauty of my homegrown plants in my art.

My work uses delicate cross sections that I create by using a razor to cut through the centre of each vegetable, preserving the roots, stems and seeds. I have spent years developing a process for pressing and drying these perfect cross sections and retaining their integrity. My finished works capture the vivid colours, varied textures and delicate inner details of each vegetable.

As an artisan I aim to draw the viewer in, and surprise them as they look more closely into the intricate beauty of each piece. My work has been showcased and highlighted in juried artisan shows across Canada since I started my craft. I have also exhibited in local boutiques, shops and art galleries. I currently reside, cultivate and create in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.