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Havana Windows - square


Havana Windows - square

Often referred to as a time machine that transports visitors to the past, Havana seems to have been frozen in time. A rich and eclectic blend of the past and the present make strolling the streets of Havana a unique adventure through an eclectic collection of art deco, neoclassical, Spanish baroque, and Moorish architecture. The weathered and time worn buildings display a rich patina of colours and textures in addition to a visual commentary on the history of Cuba.

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Lolili fine art images and travel vignettes are made and signed by photographer Katherine Keates. All designs have been carefully chosen for their creative designs and rich colours. Our fine, limited edition cashmere blend scarves come in 2 sizes: large square 55” x 55” (140 x 140 cm) and large rectangular 55” x 75” ( 140 x 190 cm) 

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