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Three-Wick Dough Bowl


Three-Wick Dough Bowl

Candle Dough Bowl – Vintage White- Paulowina wood – shrink-wrapped with holiday wine charm

Three wick Paulowina wood candle dough bowl measures approximately 10”x6”x3”. These are hand carved bowls made from Paulowina wood. No two bowls are the same.. Light all 3 wicks at once. Makes a wonderful home décor statement. We have sealed outer bowl but suggest you burn on a coaster or decorative plate. When candle has finished, wipe it out with paper towel and use for decoration only.

Please allow 7 days for product to be poured. Fragrances available are Spiced Cranberry, Sandalwood Amber, Pumpkin Muffins, Alpine Frost.

Price includes tax and free shipping in Canada.