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by Inunoo

Storytelling Collection "THE RAVEN RUG"( 8' x 10' ) by Creative Matters- Toronto

For the first 8' x 10' rug in the collection, Creative Matters has translated a drawing by Inuk artist Ningiukulu Teevee.  Described as one of the most versatile and intelligent graphic artists to emerge from the Kinngait Studios in Cape Dorset, Canada, her work is inspired by Inuit myths.  The Raven Rug’s theme originates from a tale about an owl and a raven.  In Ningiukulu’s words, “This Raven took someone’s kamiks [footwear] from drying rack, and it is taking the kamiks to its nest for decoration”. Raven is a major figure in Inuit storytelling and is particularly important in the Inuit creation story.  

Creative Matters interpretation of the artist’s drawing uses an intriguing variety of textures and materials. The golden straw background is constructed in loop pile generating a feeling of the drawn line - the energy of pencil on paper. In stark contrast, the raven is defined in really tight wool cut pile giving the opulent appearance of dark grey velvet.  Note how the kamiks on the raven’s back are rendered in both cut and loop pile adorned with violet silk laces. And finally, to create the splendid feathers, we loved using luxurious raised silk to add lustre to the imposing matt raven.

   Inuk Artist  Ningiukulu Teevee

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Inunoo means “Of The Inuit People”. The Igloo shaped symbol is a graphic version of how the work is written in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit. All the colourful designs on Inunoo’s product line are styled from original drawings created by Inuit artists in Cape Dorset in the Canadian Arctic.