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SOHO - New York City


SOHO - New York City

Since the end of the 1960s, aerosol paint has been an outlet and a powerful tool for social change.

Graffiti writers and street artists alike, have communicated their individual expression, social commentary, environmental concerns, and cultural frustrations on walls, doors, in alleys, and subway tunnels. New murals pop up every day, but the old graffiti, off the beaten path, is both gritty and alive and personifies urban living and the vibe of the people.

From the streets of New York, this lively, graffiti themed scarf will add a splash of colour to your wardrobe and will highlight your personal creative expression. Great with jeans, leather, or a little black number.  SOHO is for you!

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'Wear your story' with our luxurious all-season, timeless, limited-edition collection of over-sized, cashmere blend scarves. Each piece of unique wearable art tells a story of an exotic destination.

Lolili fine art images and travel vignettes are made and signed by photographer Katherine Keates. All designs have been carefully chosen for their creative designs and rich colours. Our fine, limited edition cashmere blend scarves come in 2 sizes: large square 55” x 55” (140 x 140 cm) and large rectangular 55” x 75” ( 140 x 190 cm) 

Based in Toronto, this small but mighty female-owned and operated business offers excellent customer service, prompt and clear communication, and boasts a generous VIP loyalty program to her customers.