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Silver Art Clay Rectangle patterned Necklace


This is a great everyday necklace that is textured on both sides with paisley on one side and floral patten on the other, so its like getting 2 necklaces in one! I hangs on a sterling silver 16 inch chain.

Info on Silver Art Clay......

Art Clay was developed in Japan that combines recycled silver particles from photographic negatives and an organic binding agent. Once the design is complete and fully dried, it is either torch or kiln fired. The bonding agent is burned off leaving silver that is almost 99.9% pure silver.

Design possibilities are endless with this product! I can impress it with various texture plates, cut it into various shapes, add layers and swarovski crystals and lab grown gems to create my many designs.
I am a certified Metal Art Clay level 1 instructor and just love the freedom and variety this medium offers!