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Rocky Harbour


Rocky Harbour

Acrylique sur panneau (Acrylic on panel board) 16" x 20"

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Originally from the Gaspé, Gilles Côté brings, with his brushes, the beauty of the landscapes that surround him to the World. The atmosphere he creates through the perceived emotions, makes his work incomparable.


Gilles Côté showed a keen interest in drawing at a very young age. His skills quickly led him to caricature. Being a self-taught artist, he is constantly on the lookout for colors and shapes that allow him to convey atmospheres imbued with warmth and even tenderness.

 Artistic approach

The essence of Côté’s artistic approach is to attempt through time, by a balance of emotions and intellect, to represent human nature in the space which envelops it to capture the feverish energy of forms and colors to juxtapose light and shadow and create a vibrant atmosphere.

It is after 40 years of sustained work, exhibitions in Quebec, Ontario, the United States, France and Brazil, as well as recognition from the Canadian public, including many companies, galleries and private collectors, that Gilles Côté now makes a living from his art.