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Welcome to Canada's Top Art & Craft Shop. Next Event: Livestream Holiday Show Dec 18th at 2pm.

RELEASE YOUR FEARS Bracelet - Aiyana Jewelry


Made with the Intention to set you free from the cage you may have felt trapped in due to past traumas, experiences, anxieties, limitations or beliefs. This bracelet is intended to help you open your wings as if the whole sky is yours and you're a fearless eagle ready to take flight. You are protected from harmful negative energies, and are instead provided with clarity, understanding, strength, motivation, and empowerment. Allowing yourself to no longer be clouded by emotions or limiting beliefs (both imposed by others and yourself) you are free to reach for your highest goals. In the inner world freedom is the highest value. All the stars and the moon and the sun belong to you. It's your time to take flight.

Made with 10mm Tigers Eye and Black Obsidian stones.