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Red Reins - Artist Sue Caron

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Red Reins

An intimate view of one of the worlds most alluring animals. Horses have been a loyal and helpful companion to humans since time began. 

"In awe of horses I wanted to capture the strength , curiosity, wisdom, and the confidence a horse has. Red Reins for me, represents hope and love."

17x20" Original Watercolour Painting

The Other Side

Sue Caron is an artist who has had quite a journey over the past three years. She has survived a stroke and cancer, however has lost the use of her dominant hand. But this has not stopped Sue from creating art. In fact it sent her on a new journey of learning how to paint and draw from the other side.

Her motto is 'Never Give Up. My art is from the Other Side of my brain. It is the most creative and exciting art that I am most proud of.'

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