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- The exterior is tiled in red and black.
-The interior is gray (jeans effect).

Ways to wear it
- Around the neck the zipper closed to hide your belongings.
- Around the neck the open zipper.
- In shoulder bag
- In hood
- As a bolero (like a jacket over the shoulders).
For more details, you can watch the video (

- Scarf: 67 inches (170.2 cm) circumference x 14 inches (35.6 cm) width.
- Pocket: length of 28 inches (71 cm) x depth of 6.5 inches (15.3 cm).

- 4 season model.
-Industrial drawing registered #166626.
- Sewn and assembled in Quebec.
- The fabrics are purchased in Montreal.
- No loss of raw material.

- 100% cotton.

-Machine wash.

Because red and black plaid is always beautiful!

* The colors on the photo may differ from the actual ones due to the adjustments of your screen
This industrial design is registered by MN and JIC # 166626

Les créations Fol-Artists

My flagship product is the multifunctional scarf, which can be worn in 5 different ways and in which there is a secret pocket concealed by a zipper.  From the phone to the keys, a small bottle of water, a snack and a passport, it’s possible to slip several objects into my scarves, which makes them very practical. Watch my video and you won't believe your eyes!

There are different fabrics for every season of the year (yes, even for summer!). Scarves are for men and women. It’s also possible to attach a small pocket with a carabiner inside the large pocket to create even more shelter our essentials, such as the passport and money/cards. I also have a multifunction hat made of bamboo viscose, which can also be used as a neck warmer.