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Plaster Relief Frame with Pressed Lavender


Plaster Relief Frame with Pressed Lavender

This lovely new piece combines pressed lavender with a detailed frame that I have created using my plaster casting process. The frame features a number of flowers, including lavender, hydrangea, lady's mantle and salvia. It holds a delicate pressed lavender artwork that I designed from the flowers I harvested and pressed.

The perfect gift for all those lavender lovers out there!

Product Description:

I create my botanical frames by first developing a clay mold that captures all the delicate details of the flowers that I collect from my garden. Then I individually handcast each piece in fine plaster. The finished tile captures many tiny details that are often overlooked in real life - the tiny hairs on a stem, the intricate flower stamens and pistils, the tracing of veins on a leaf.                                                   As every frame is handmade, the shade of the plaster and the exact dimensions may vary slightly. Each one comes ready to hang with a pressed lavender art piece under glass.                                           

Medium: Hydrocal, a fine casting  plaster that captures every detail, pressed lavender, mat board, textured paper, wooden back with hooks for hanging

Dimensions:  11 " x 12.75" x 1" Dimensions may vary slightly as each one is hand-cast.