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Welcome to Pinhead Galaxy far away from earth. The Pinheads believe everything works through love. Every race is beautiful. They feel with their hearts and love with their positive energy. Their planet is their sanctuary that’s why everything grows in abundance. They might have different opinions but when something is important they come together and support each other and find a solution. They age with time but there is no number. Their pets are their mode of transportation as well as manual vehicles as Pinhead Galaxy is a nature operated planet. The Pinheads love to be worn on your favorite jacket, hat and anywhere they can see what’s going on. Approximate size: 7cm tall, 5cm wide. Handcrafted in Fimo.

Meet the Pinheads

#1 Eloise Tweezers: She’s a Bird watcher, very into the environment. Her favorite pet is a Lady bug who she’s named Poppy.

#2 Edweena Birch: She loves jewellery. Her favorite pet is a Dragonfly whose name is Fluffy.

#3 Fanee Mymanie: She’s a photo-Journalist. She takes her camera wherever she goes. Her favorite pet is a beetle who she named Bubbles.

#4 Dazee Dunkyn: She’s a ballroom dancer.. She loves to read and she’s an animal Activist. She rides an eggbeater land copter all operated by hand.

#5 Clementine Beachmann: She’s a surfer. She’s a marine biologist. Her favorite pet is a Seahorse whose name is Sam and he loves to swim.

#6 Birdie Mansweeper: She’s a police officer. She’s a positive influencer. Her favorite pet is a Crow who she’s named Zookini.

#7 Zelda Sunflowers: She’s a Librarian. She believes you are what your read. She rides a Unicycle as her mode of transportation.

#8 Celeste Zonkers: She’s a comedian and she likes to Zonk people with her jokes. She’s very Punny!!! Her wheelbarrow for transportation is powered by fireflies. On other days her Donkey Nelsun takes her to her destination.

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About Anne

I have always been interested in the arts. I create intuitively using various different techniques. I am mostly self taught, though I have taken some courses to enhance my technique. My love for animals has always been the source of my inspiration. I feel it is of great importance to be a creative voice for animals. I want my art to reflect our appreciation for them. I use vibrant colours to symbolize their emotions and spirit.