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One-to-One Photography Classes


One-to-One Photography Classes


What better way to learn about photography than to have a live, dedicated and knowledgeable instructor? Each of Bob’s One-to-One classes are specifically tailored by you and Bob to cover exactly what you want to learn. There are no other students to slow you down. Depending on your needs the classes can range from the basics of photography to Lightroom and Photoshop software. It’s purely about what you want to learn. Classes are scheduled to fit your time availability.

Bob Gallagher is an award-winning photographer with extensive photography teaching experience.  He has taught photography at the university level for 20 years and privately in small classes and workshops. Now, online, you get him all to yourself.

All classes are completely custom designed to meet the needs of the learner. You and Bob develop the classes to cover exactly what you need. You have Bob’s undivided attention.

Bob Gallagher
Using photography I strive to capture the beauty and amazement of our world wherever I find the image. My work comes from around the world. This show has images from four continents–from the glory of Ontario’s autumn colours to tropical forest canopies in Australia to the waters of South America. The beauty of the earth is yours to enjoy.

I personally produce each image, tune it to reflect my experience when it was created and then I print and finish it myself. My control is from the moment of exposure through until I sign the print and it’s ready to be shipped to you. This ensures that the vibrancy and emotions are as close to my original experience as possible. I use my talents, my skills, my technical knowledge of the medium and my attention to detail, as well as using exceptional camera and printing equipment, to give you my best.

Dr. L. Morrow was viewing my work as it was being prepared and said of my art: “It isn’t meant to be small. It’s designed to be magnificent!” That pretty well sums up my view as well.

Photographs are created in Limited Editions of only 25 images regardless of the size of the individual images. After 25 images the photograph is retired.

Return and Refund Policy
Each photograph is signed and numbered. If the photograph is damaged in transit please inform the shipping company and me immediately. Your photograph will be replaced with another print from the series.

Free Shipping in Canada Details

Your photograph will be shipped to you in a protected telescopic art tube. I will arrange for the stretcher bars and braces be shipped to you directly from my supplier. You then can choose to take it to your local frame shop and have them assemble the photograph or you can assemble the stretched canvas yourself. I will supply you with a detailed set of instructions and an accompanying video showing all of the steps.

Shipping of the artwork and stretchers are included in the purchase price indicated. Should you prefer to have me ship the assembled photograph to you I can provide a quote.

Circle framed photographs are shipped assembled due to their shape and smaller size.