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Nesting Birds Chiffon Necklace (Beige)

by Inunoo

ļ»æNesting Birds Chiffon Necklace (Beige)

SilkĀ plusĀ Silver; Ā  A combination of materials Ā for elegant designer madeĀ Inuit Art Necklaces. Inunoo's necklaces are made using selected silk chiffon scarf fabrics and three large acrylic beads with Ā MetallicĀ Closures.

Twenty two to twenty four inchesĀ in length.

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InunooĀ meansĀ ā€œOf The Inuit Peopleā€. The Igloo shaped symbol is a graphic version of how the work is written in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit. All the colourful designs on Inunooā€™s product line are styled from original drawings created by Inuit artists in Cape Dorset in the Canadian Arctic.