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Bamboo Circle's 14k Yellow Gold Earrings

Bamboo Circle's 14k Yellow Gold Earrings
Approximately 22mm round

Bamboo is one of natures treasured and renewable natural resources. Devine takes its inspiration for these lovelies from Bamboo's remarkable qualities: known for its strength, versatility, timeless decorative beauty, as a food source and beautiful materials for your home. Bamboo Circle's are a practical and beautiful pair of polished gold earrings that can be worn everyday.

Devine jewellers begin with a 2mm round wire and then sculpt and work it into wonderful bamboo design, polished to a high shine finish. Looks awesome alone or layered to add body and pop to your gemstone enhancers!

Each set will vary slightly as they really are made individually and by hand!
These enhancers can purchased with or without our 14k yellow gold 115 mm x 26 mm hinge hoops.
They can be worn on any hoops that have a diameter of 3 mm or less


The beauty of jewellery craftsmanship has engaged Carol, Jake and Ted Devine (recently passed) of the Devine Fine Jewellery family since the beginning of their careers. “When you are working daily with these precious metals and stones, a deep respect, admiration and curiosity is continuously at play.” Designing the perfect setting to showcase our customer's uniqueness is both challenging and rewarding.