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Hand Painted Daffodil Botanical Cast


Hand Painted Daffodil Botanical Cast

Daffodils are such a colourful first sign of spring in many gardens. This cast captures the lovely trumpet shaped blooms and the elegant leaves with their delicate veins. 

I have carefully hand-painted this tile, capturing the beautiful colours of the daffodils for you to enjoy all through the seasons. It is also available in a framed version in the Framed Botanicals Collection.

Product Description:

All of my botanical tiles are hand-cast from an original clay mold that I create using flowers from my garden. They reveal many delicate details that often are not noticed in real life - the tiny hairs on a stem, the intricate flower stamens and pistils, the tracing of veins on a leaf.

As every tile is handprinted each one will vary slightly. This tile is also available framed in six different colour choices. 

Medium: Hydrocal, a casting plaster designed to capture fine details

Dimensions:  6" x 6" x 1/2"

Shipping fee is $15 in Canada