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GEM-GA! White Maple


GEM-GA! White Maple

A twist on this family favourite!

Build the tower with the long blocks, gem side down.
Each player chooses a colour from the small blocks.
As you slide out the long blocks, if it has your colour, keep it! If it's not your colour, add it to the top of the tower.
Continue taking turns and building the tower until it collapses.
The player with the most of their colour wins . . . providing they didn't cause the collapse!

Set includes:
- 6 single colour blocks
- 36 long blocks

Made with smooth solid White Maple and finished with eco-friendly Tried & True Original Wood Finish (100% linseed oil & beeswax); gems secured with clear Gorilla Glue.
(Other sets available in Red Oak, Spalted Beech, Birch and Black Walnut).

Wendy is Registered Early Childhood Educator and woodworker from South Frontenac, Ontario. As an RECE, she has worked in licensed early learning and childcare, in Kindergarten, and with families in EarlyON centres for the past 32 +years.. She LOVEs open-ended, child-led, inquiry-based learning and is forever in awe watching children use their imaginations with materials in their environments to build and create! As a woodworker, she LOVEs visiting local mills to find beautiful hardwoods. Her happy place, her calm and focus, is found in front of a bandsaw, free-hand cutting.

Her products are made from locally sourced hardwoods along with some exotics from my local mills. From Tree Nuggets to Stacking Rainbows to Gem Blocks, Wendy free-hand cut (no jigs or CNCs) on my bandsaw, sand and finish all items with eco-friendly Tried & True Original Finish (linseed oil & beeswax).

Made to order. Delivery time 1 to 3 weeks.

Flat rate Canada wide shipping is $15.

Returns & Refund Policy

Returns and refunds are provided if your product arrives damaged or broken. In that case, I will provide you with a Canada Post prepaid return label. Once I receive the product back, you will receive a refund.

I do NOT provide refunds for products that aren't the size you expected (that information is included in the product description) or if the wood grain/colouring/zone-lines are not as you expected. Tree Nugget products are made by Mother Nature, with minor help from me. As such, I have no control over the colouring, graining, streaking, veining or zone-lines of the wood, all of which is unique to each piece of wood.