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Extra Large Bowl- Boldly Striped


Extra Large Bowl- Boldly Striped

Need a statement piece for the centre of your table? This large bowl is the answer. Need a bowl big enough for all your entertaining needs? This bowl can handle it. Soup, salad, noodles, munchies, you name it, this one of a kind bowl is more than big enough to handle the job. All the strips of glass are cut, shaped and layered by my own hand. The larger the glass piece being created is, the slower it is heated and cooled in the kiln to avoid thermal shock. This bowl spent nearly 30 hours in the kiln while it was being fused and even longer when it was slumped. This piece measures 15 inches across and 3 inches in depth and was created in my home studio in beautiful New Brunswick, soon to be relocating to Kingston, Ont.

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I create glass that is functional as well as beautiful; plates, bowls, platters, votives and vases in dozens of designs, shapes and sizes as well as glass that is simply art to be enjoyed for its appearance. I offer a wide range of glass from inexpensive suncatchers in many different designs to pricier, more intricate pieces. Every piece I make is unique and one of a kind. No two are ever identical.

About the Artist

All my life, art and creativity has been my outlet. I have dabbled in charcoal and oil paints, fabrics and even various beading techniques but I have always been drawn to glass. I love the unlimited palette of colours and the challenge of convincing glass to do as I would like it. I am a self-taught artist. What started out as a hobby grew into much more as I made life long friends in the arts community and they pushed me to grow and expand beyond my comfort zone. As a military spouse, I have had to say goodbye to many of the friends who set me on the path I follow today but I bring along a lot of cherished memories, hard learned lessons and the drive to continue to grow my knowledge and art. Whether I am creating a simple whimsical suncatcher or a more complex, multi-layered piece consisting of various types of glass, I want it to be the best that I can make it. There is a saying "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life." I love what I do and am thankful, every day, for the support of my amazing husband, my sweet and sassy daughters and my wonderful friends who have made it possible for me to follow my passion.