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Welcome to Canada's Top Art & Craft Shop. Next Event: Livestream Holiday Show Dec 18th at 2pm.

Evening Pair

by Arwynn
Evening Pair
6" x 6" - Acrylics on Wood Panel with High Gloss Resin Coating
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A fine art painter and graphic designer my work focuses on nature and moments of beauty, tranquility and peace, something that is lacking in modern life. There is a strong need for these moments in life and in my paintings there is a moment where the absolute peace and calm is captured, whether it is a sunset or a bird stopping for a moment on a branch. The majesty of nature is endlessly fascinating and I seek to explore it through my art.
My art work is an adaptation of traditional glazing - thin layers of paint are applied to build up colour & depth and give a deeper intensity with luminous tones. The pieces are finished with a high gloss varnish or resin to saturate the colours.