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Dragonfly Book - Reclaimed Words

Dragonfly Book

This book was inspired by a very special female artist I know and love dearly. She taught me that the dragonfly reminds her to live every minute of life to its fullest. It symbolizes transformation and adaptability. This would be a beautiful gift for someone special in your life who would find strength in the symbol of the dragonfly. 

Reclaimed Words started making her book sculptures as a way to relax and heal from an injury. But Sherri fell in love with the process and started making more and more complex pieces. A lover of books and an avid reader, what started as a whim has become her passion and now her business.

Her process involves an elaborate paper folding process using discarded books. It is mathematical and quite mind boggling to watch. The results are stunning 3-D art pieces with a wide variety themes.

Sherri also does a lot of custom pieces for special themed requests. 

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