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Distant North 1065-1-20


Distant North 1065-1-20

Acrylic on canvas, 14"x18", ready to hang. Comes with artist profile and stamp of authenticity. I wanted to portray the simplicity of this landscape to parallel the need to simplify our lives. A lot of us lead complicated and busy lives to the point of not having time to breath in and take not of our own selves. I love simplicity. As a matter of fact I strive in simplicity. Do the same. Surround yourself with beautiful art.

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My work attempts to capture the serenity of Northern Ontario’s meditative landscape. The strength of the windswept pine parallels the intensity of human beings encountering life’s many challenges. The openness of our lakes and rivers allows us to absorb the quietude which we so desperately desire and need. The vastness of our forests reminds us that there are still countless unexplored territories in a world that seems to be getting smaller and smaller with the passing years. I do not strive for perfection in my paintings because as we all know life is not perfect and to pretend that it is would be a fool’s errand. I like to portray simple yet refined paintings because life is better understood by each and every one of us when all the cacophony and materialism of our societies are removed. Only then can we truly see ourselves as intrinsic individuals who can stand tall and proud in the face of adversity – our strength can take us to the highest point in togetherness with the beautiful windswept pine and its encompassing environment.

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