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14" x 11" Original Watercolour Painting.

Professionally framed upon purchase with wood frame and white archival matt. Ready to hang.  Price includes framing. 

"One of my favourite photographers is Steve McCurry. You may know him as the man who took the famous portrait photo of the Afghan Girl on the cover of the National Geographic Magazine. Their studios have given me permission to paint and sell my renditions of his work with the understanding that every piece I paint is catalogued and a copy is kept in their archives. His work has been a great inspiration for me."

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I am a realist watercolour artist living in the Barrie area. I love to paint old things, rust and cracks of everyday items, as well as portraits, flowers and landscapes all of which I find interesting and enjoyable. I am married with three children and five grandchildren, and they are my life, but painting is what I love to do when not visiting them. I work on Aquabord, a kind of panel, and it is this reason that my watercolours look a little different. The colours are richer and more vibrant.