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Light & Shadows


Light & Shadows

24 x 18" Acrylic on Canvas.

Palette knives work on 3/4” canvas frame. Ready to hang.

The use of bold yellow acrylic hues creates shimmering lights of a city aglow.  Reflective shapes cascade across an abstract landscape.

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Heidi's Art

"I create on feelings, things I have seen or taken photographs of "

My paintings are created on canvas using a solid wrapped wooden frame. All art pieces are prepared with coats of gesso and finished with a protective non-yellowing varnish in gloss or matte depending on the piece. 

You never know what life will bring you....... 

Heidi Colburn was born in Cornwall Ontario in 1974.  She grew up near water and developed a lasting love of nature. After graduating from college in Ottawa, she moved with her family to Kingston, Ontario in 1996.  With a new place to explore, she began to take photographs of nature and water landscapes. This interest carried through as her children grew and began to be involved in sports.

​An active mom with a full-time career, Heidi's life got a little crazy when she was diagnosed with auto-immune illness. Forced to leave her professional career, she continued to have the need to stay busy.  Her interest in photographing things around her grew into a desire to teach herself about art and art themes. Heidi began her journey by taking local classes, experimenting with different methods, mediums and allowing her natural talents to blossom.

Her inspiration comes from watching and photographing her boys sailing all over North America as well all her nature photography - a true collaboration between the artist and the land and water she loves. Heidi loves using vibrant and powerful colours in her art, and employs the use of pallet knives to give imagination and depth. 

She feels that the artistic exchange between the land and the artist opens endless opportunities. In her day-to-day life Heidi is very structured and organized, so the creativity of abstract art is very freeing and an outlet to her ever changing life.