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Plaster Relief Photo Frame


Plaster Relief Photo Frame

Display your special photo with our nature inspired frame. This subtle white photo frame is a beautiful accent piece that enhances any home decor from vintage to modern. Use it to frame your wedding photo, baby photo or family photo. Or as the perfect wedding gift, grandparent gift, or gift for the new parents.

Capture your favourite memory with this beautiful raised plaster relief frame. Using the same technique as in her tile work, Diane has captured the intricate details of her flowers to create this beautiful frame.

A perfect gift for a loved one - insert their favourite photo, or even better, a memory that you have shared together. A picture frame can help everyone re-live the special times in their lives.

And for the newlyweds, what a perfect way to turn a wedding photo into a wedding keepsake! A sure to be appreciated gift.

Diane creates a mold by pressing her botanicals into a slab of clay, and carefully pressing in all of the details, which are then captured in her plaster cast. You can easily insert your favourite 5x7 photo using the matt board included. The frame can also accommodate a larger photo by removing the mat board and trimming the photo to size. Very versatile, it can be hung on a wall or be displayed in a stand (not included). Two attached hooks allow you to use it for horizontal or vertical photos.

Materials: Hydrocal, a special plaster that captures fine details, wooden backing, matt board

Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 3/4"

About the Artist

I am a botanical artist who has developed my own unique style. Utilizing the vegetables, herbs and flowers cultivated from my cottage garden, I create a collection of show stopping wall hangings. Throughout my 30 plus years of practice, I have developed a range of drying, pressing and casting techniques for capturing the beauty of my homegrown plants in my art. My work uses delicate cross sections that I create by using a razor to cut through the centre of each vegetable, preserving the roots, stems and seeds. I have spent years developing a process for pressing and drying these perfect cross sections and retaining their integrity. My finished works capture the vivid colours, varied textures and delicate inner details of each vegetable. In my latest collection of botanical casts, I focus on traditional representations of herbarium specimens as art. My cast pieces are directly inspired by this art form. For this work, I meticulously transfer the delicate veins, tendrils and flowers of my plants into a clay mold, and then encase them in plaster medium. My new botanical relief tiles showcase intertwined leaves, herbs and flowers, reminiscent of an exuberant, free-flowering cottage garden. All of my work is inspired by my love of nurturing plants in my backyard oasis, my ever-growing interest in art and botany, as well as the calming and meditative place that is my cottage garden. As an artisan I aim to draw the viewer in, and surprise them as they look more closely into the intricate beauty of each piece. My work has been showcased and highlighted in juried artisan shows across Canada since I started my craft. I have also exhibited in local boutiques, shops and art galleries. I currently reside, cultivate and create in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.