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Bold Pop Art- 4 up Display

4 Copies Size
Payment Choice

Bold Pop Art- 4 up Display

Using a photograph or yours, I will create a Pop Art masterpiece. This option gives you four copies of 4 custom variations of your image. You can group them together anyway you want or share them with friends and family. Four canvas prints wrapped on a ¾” or 1½” thick wooden frame, ready-to-hang. Price includes drawing, printing, and shipping. 

Free Shipping in Canada and USA

Your Pop Art Of all my drawing styles, creating Pop Art is the most FUN. It’s contemporary, it’s colourful, it’s loud and it is uniquely YOU!  I create your pop art from your photographs and send you four proofs.  It’s Simple – send a PHOTO – get some ART.

A $50 Deposit is required. Bill will contact you to discuss your project, then you will email him photos. Once you approve the art proofs, then the balance of the payment will be due, your item(s) will be custom made and shipped within 2 weeks. 

About the Artist

My career began as an illustrator in the manufacturing sector. In 2001 I launched IronMedia, a graphic art and illustration studio, which I retired in 2020. I decided that instead of drawing for the corporate world, I would draw for you. Although I have yet to find one style, which means I frequently play with new techniques, and by new I mean stealing ideas from other artists. Pop art was one of those thefts. Whether line-drawing, gestures, comic book, or pop art, I noticed a common theme: I usually end up drawing people, their pets, and their passions. It’s Your Life – Let’s make it Your Art.