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Hand Painted Clematis Botanical Cast


Hand Painted Clematis Botanical Cast

The clematis is the queen of vines in my garden. This new cast showcases each of the delicate lines in the buds and flowers as well as the swirling tendrils that cling to anything they touch. I carefully hand-painted this tile, showcasing the natural colours of the clematis. 

Product Description:

All of my botanical tiles are hand-cast from an original clay mold that I create using flowers from my garden. They reveal many delicate details that often are not noticed in real life - the tiny hairs on a stem, the intricate flower stamens and pistils, the tracing of veins on a leaf.

As each tile is individually hand painted the colours may vary slightly. Each one comes ready to hang.

Medium: Hydrocal, a casting plaster designed to capture fine details

Dimensions:  6" x 6" x 1/2"

Shipping fee is $15 in Canada