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Citrine Crystal Pendant

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Citrine Crystal Pendant

With Sterling Silver

Large double terminated citrine crystal hung on a beautiful silver chain. Hand forged silver hardware with heat melted tips on each side. This pendant is a 'show stopping' statement piece. Looks fabulous worn against black to enhance the silver sheen or in layers with other RAW beauties.

Citrine crystals are for inviting positive abundance into your life. When crystals are double terminated (points on both ends) their healing properties are said to be twice as potent.

Citrine crystals have a rich history of mystical powers bearing strong energy. It is influenced by the energy of autumn and the goddess of harvest. This crystal has also been associated with healing. Powerful goddesses have championed this stone; Demeter, Samhain, Sekhmet and Persephone, known as the goddess of forestation, vegetation, grain.

Wearing a citrine crystal attracts positive thoughts and manifestation.

Each crystal will vary slightly. Handmade to order.

Free Shipping in Canada

Hand made with LOVE from RAW

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