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Chloe Diamond Gemstone 14K Gold Slide Pendant

Chloe Diamond Gemstone 14K Gold Slide Pendant

Diamonds- Ah the allure of diamonds! Part of the fascination of this unique gemstone is that diamonds last forever. They are the most durable natural element on earth. But it is the romance, commitment and sparkle that truly embraces our hearts. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a diamond jewel. Devine’s elegant and sophisticated design highlights the virtues of the diamond gem, making it the shining star of your love.

Pristine quality Diamond - Canadian .25 carats, (5mm), full round brilliant cut, F+ colour, VS1 clarity. Set in a step domed bezel slide pendant (8mm), Jake has used 14k Yellow gold, offering contrast and warmth to the bright white of the diamond.
Devine has paired the slide with a 2.5mm rolo 'diamond cut' chain in 14k yellow gold,
18" length.
Note: The pendant can be purchased with or without the chain, but we highly recommend this set for both beauty and rock solid wearability.